Friday, May 7, 2010

So much has happened!

It has been a long time since my last post... I have been busy!

I have wanted to add a new post for several weeks now and haven't because I'm usually on my little laptop that doesn't have very many pictures stored in it and I knew I would want to post pictures too... so, I'm using my husband's computer today and remembered that I need to catch up on my blog.

I want to pick up where I left off, which was in October - I think. So, in November... I was selling my Sugar Cookie Doll Christmas ornaments at the Columbia Museum of arts Artisans fair. A nice lady walked up to me and asked if I made snowmen. I, of course, said "yes" eventhough, it had been years since I attempted that and from what I could remember about them - they were really primitive and not something I would be interested making. So, I thought I would try it again, in a different way.

I was so excited about my finished product... I listed it on etsy and it sold very quickly...which led to me making many others, all different, all selling quick. After Christmas, I made some Valentine related snowmen, the I made St. Patrick's day snowmen. I think it is so great when a customer gives me an idea like that. It pushes me to step out of my box and then I grow as an artist... Thanks nice lady! I will surely be fully stocked with some happy, whimsical snowmen next November when I sell there!

The snowman in the picture was the first one that I made. The base of her is a vintage, silver glass ornament that had belonged to my grandma Cookie. I attached a pink ribbon sash around her as a mamogram reminder.


  1. Hi Toni~

    I was so glad to see you posting. I love the Snowman!

    I can't wait to see more. I still have my ornaments out that I purchased from you and just love them to pieces :)


  2. Hi LuLu!
    I was so excited to see your comment... I didn't think anyone really ever reads my blog. You really made my day, THANK YOU!