Friday, May 7, 2010

then there was December...

In December, I was slammed as usual! I was selling my ornaments as fast as I could make them. This happens to me every year and every year I could kick myself for not making them all year long so that I would be prepared. It is so hard to be in the mood to make Christmas ornaments when it is no where near Christmas time. I was excited because I had contacted a really WONDERFUL store called STUFF, in Kansas City MO - I asked them if they would be interested in featuring my whimsical creations in their shop - and they DID!!! I REALLY wanted to get my dolls in that store and it happed! yay

So, I sent them 50 ornaments... they sold so well that they have asked me to send 75 of them this time. The thought of making 75 Christmas ornaments right now is a little over whelming... but I know I'll get it done.

The girl that bought my first snowman wanted me to create some Mardi Gras dolls for her and her mom... what?! I had no idea how to do that - but she loved them!

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