Sunday, May 3, 2009

The story behind Sugar Cookie Dolls

It all started in 2002. I was a busy stay at home mom with two little girl's, just desperately needing some "me-time". So, I struck up a friendship with a glue gun and * Bah-dah- boom...Bah-dah Bing!... A Fairey Was Born!

Sadly, my grandmother passed away right around this time. As I was helping my mom clean out my grandmother's closet, I had an "Ah-Ha!' moment. You see, my grandma was anything but typical, she was foxy! She always had her hair beauty shop perfect, make-up flawlessly applied, wearing something fancy and due to a height complex - she ALWAYS wore heels. Of course, she would have on all the right accessories and would be carrying the perfect handbag. So, when I was standing there, looking into her closet at all of her belongings all together like that, I started to think about how she would treat everyday as if she were expecting something wonderful would happen. I'm definitely a positive thinker, but - I just don't think I could fathom that level of optimism. It is hard to explain it exactly, but I left my grandmother's house that day feeling somehow inspired.

I ended up inheriting a vast collection of costume jewelry, handbags, high-heeled shoes, craft supplies, etc... She apparently NEVER threw anything away in her 70 years of life. It definitely had something to do with her generation. Anyway, with my new found inspiration, I began incorporating those new items into my glue gun creations. I was able to make such beautiful things, beyond anything I would have ever imagined. It was like the levy broke and an endless flow of creativity just poured out of me and hasn't stopped.

The reaction that I recieved from my family and friends was just the encouragement that I needed to start my own business that I named Sugar Cookie Dolls. I named it that in honor of my lovely grandma: Margaret Cooke Milam aka: Cookie - you can see what she looked like in the picture above.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!
* Toni Kelly *

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  1. Beautiful. I love your story, and you touched my heart.