Monday, May 4, 2009

Create something fabulous with a treasured object

After my grandma Cookie passed away, I ended up with her evening bag collection. There is this one bag that I thought was so interesting because it's red and in the shape of a star. This was the last bag I remember seeing her carry. I made a "Cookie" doll out of it. This was a few years ago, so when I look at it now, of course I would have done some things differently. My little girl's let me have one of their toy crowns, I attached her rhinestone anklet to it - it says "Cookie" on the front of it. The metal in the middle belonged to her husband, he had gotten it from serving in a war. I found that old looking phone in her Christmas ornaments. She had been a Southern Bell phone operator for much of her life, so I thought it would be fitting to have that sit next to her. Red was her signature color and she always wore heels, luckily - I found some really cute doll shoes at the dollar store, so cute!
happyhappy girlie...toni kelly

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