Monday, May 4, 2009

Mammogram reminder boxes

After I had shouted from the roof tops for every girl I know to get a mammogram and after I had attached a pink ribbon to everything I was making and everything that I had already made, I knew it wasn't going to be enough. I thought that it would be such a great idea for me to sell them at the upcoming Breast Cancer Walk that would be taking place downtown a few weeks from that time, so I made an appointment to see the person that is in charge of that event. I showed her my pink ribbon creations and told her my story and how I would love the opportunity to sell them and donate half of the proceeds to the event. She loved what I had made, but that vendor's at that event have to pay a minimum of $1,000.00 - so, sorry... we won't be able to accommodate you and your pitiful little 50% donation - we only take BIG money. Ok, she didn't say that last part, but that it what it sounded like to me. Oh, and by the way, she asked if she could have one of them. Of course, I smiled quite politely and said that of course she could have one. It just doesn't make sense to me that they could be raising more money if they wanted to - it made me feel like my donation wouldn't have been good enough, like it would be too small to make a difference.

I left there that day feeling frustrated. I went to my friend's house to tell her what had happened and she said that I could just pass the pink ribbon fairey dolls out to my friends as a mammogram reminder. I thought that sounded great. So, I gathered up some boxes, include my story and a journal for them to sign, if they want to, and I made up a poem...
Here's a little message from the mammogram reminder fairey:

I'm here to deliver some cheer, it's true - but, mostly I'm here as a reminder to you. It's crucial that you don't delay! "Get a mammogram" is what I say. Please don't become too attached to me, I have a very important job, you see. I must keep moving or my work will never get done. I'll keep on going 'til the war on cancer is won! So, please pass me on, I hope you won't wait. Joining this life saving crusade, will make you feel great!

So, I give a friend a box, it hopefully reminds them to get a mammogram, they sign the journal and pass it to a friend, then so on until the journal gets filled up. Then I'm supposed to get the journal back and I would send out a new journal so that the fairey can continue her journey.

Have you had a mammogram recently???
xoxo *Toni Kelly*happy happy girl

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